Avenel Apartment Renovation
Studio / RCL

Project Team:   Chika Ito
General Contractor:   Dario Rojas
Photographs:   Michael Wells

View additional photographs:   1) Existing apartment   2) Design and construction   3) Completion

Avenel Cooperative Housing Project, properly known as Avenel Homes, is a 10-unit cooperative housing development designed by architect Gregory Ain, and built in 1947 in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles. Avenel Homes consists of ten identical three-bedroom units of 960 square feet (89 m2), situated on two 60-foot (18 m) lots, each 140 feet (43 m) deep. The units are organized in two rows of five, attached, and stepping back from the street in a saw-tooth pattern. This configuration gives each unit a front door and a private back patio. Though small, the unit-plan was noteworthy for its flexibility and openness. It included a sliding wall between the master bedroom and living room, and another between the two smaller bedrooms. Ain's original plan for an 'open' kitchen was rejected by the Federal Housing Administration.   -From Wikipedia

Studio/RCL was commissioned to renovate one of the apartments for Julia Meltzer and David Thorne. The original drawings were studied closely so that the renovation would conform with the design intent of Gregory Ain.